Let’s Talk About Coffee



Coffee is the best drink to perk up a lazy morning. Some of the people may ask themselves what this dark colored substance made of and why some people cannot just do without taking it. Coffee is usually taken when it is hot in most cases.

It is made from the coffee plants seeds which are roasted. The seeds are known as coffee beans. Coffee is the second most rated trading commodity in the world after petroleum. It is believed to be the main source of caffeine.

Coffee came to England in 1598 through the Italian caffe. Coffee is known as kahveh in the Turkish language and also known as qahwa in the Arabic language. Though the origin is not really known many believe that coffee’s origin is Kaffa in Ethiopia.

Coffee Arabica is one of the species of the coffee plant. The name Arabica implies that the origin of this type of coffee plant is Arabian Peninsula but it is an indigenous plant in Ethiopia. Though Arabica is prone to diseases it is considered to have more flavor compared to coffea canephora also known as Robusta.

Arabica has twice the amount of caffeine Robusta coffee has. However, Robusta is believed to have a natural insecticide and stimulant. It grows in some places where Arabica cannot grow. Therefore, it is mostly used as a cheap substitute for Arabica in commercial coffee blends and in many instant coffee products.

Robusta is bitter compared to Arabica coffee. It also has a smell and taste like that of burnt rubber. Robusta of fine quality is often used in espresso blends for that foamy effect and also to make it more affordable. Italian espressos are made from dark roasted Robusta.

Coffee plants are planted in more than 70 countries. Because of the rising popularity of coffee, many people are now wondering whether coffee if really healthy for your body. Even though not all studies have shown coffee as having health promoting properties most of the studies have shown that coffee has the healthy properties.

Coffee contains caffeine, bioflavonoids, polyphenol antioxidants, chromium, potassium, magnesium and vitamin B. research has shown that the non-caffeine properties of coffee are anti-inflammatory and they neutralize the harsh effects of caffeine.

These studies show that moderate consumption of coffee regularly will reverse the cognitive impairment, stabilize the blood sugar, cut the risk of cancer and is beneficial to the heart. Therefore, it is believed that coffee can reduce the risk of many diseases.

Choose The Best Coffee Mugs


I am sure everyone will agree to the statement that the best coffee mugs do at least two most important things – I) It keeps your coffee hot and tasty all throughout and ii) it offers you a personal style that you have always craved for! So, when it’s a personal choice, how to select and choose the best ones among the hoards of designs and shapes that are available wildly across every store – online as well as offline?

Think about your utility pattern:

Any coffee lover will vouch on the fact that coffee tastes best when it’s fresh and warm. You may add some random condiments to savor your coffee with mocha or some other nice flavored creamer, though. But it is essential for the coffee to stay warm for a considerable amount of time in order to be savored by its lovers. If you are a regular drinker, you may choose your coffee mugs with insulated body in order to retain the temperature. If you sip your coffee in a jiffy, you may choose any of the stylish designs that is available in the market.

The size of the mugs:

It depends on your consumption level, what size of coffee mugs you want for yourself. If you keep on sipping coffee throughout the day, you may check out for mugs of larger size with temperature holding capacity. If you like to take coffee in frequent intervals, you may choose one with smaller size and wider mouth.

Height of the mugs as compared to its width:

It’s science that the more exposed is the mug to the air, the less time it remains hot. So, if you want your coffee to stay warm all throughout, you may choose a mug that is taller than its width. However, if you prefer cold coffee of less warm coffee, you may choose your mugs appropriately with a wider base.

If you prefer to take your coffee on the move:

If you are a coffee lover, who prefers to have a few sips on move, choose a sturdy one. A tall mug with lid will also save you from spilling your coffee while you carry it in your car or moving on stairs. A stronger handle will also save your mug from accidental bumps. A lidded one will help you to get rid of undesired embarrassment by saving you from spilling coffee on others.

Personalized design and style statement:

The market of the coffee mug is vast and you can find many suppliers offering customized Coffee Mugs with all advanced features. You can order a customized coffee mug from any such supplier with your favorite quotation. Your own original words with an inspiring graphics can also be printed on your coffee mug to flaunt your style and personality.

Shop smart:

When selecting the Coffee Mugs with a personalized style statement, choose to go online. You will find a number of coffee mug suppliers offering custom-printed mugs with all facilities like insulation, resilient handlebars, lids and some even with self-heating elements (plug-n-warm with USB ports). Select the best one as per your personality and choice and flaunt your style with pride!
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